Head Coach Outdoor

Jayelemn Arietta
(cell phone 267-974-3496 or email - alljahzdup@gmail.com)

Head Coach Indoor

Paul Peterson
(cell phone 301-412-4212)

Assistant Head Coaches

Okinyi Ayungo - Sprints and Long Jump.
Nickie Addison -  sprints
Jamie Jefferson -  sprints
Shawn Sabbakhan -  sprints

Coaching Staff

Krystal Cormier - Sprints
Marie Davis - Hurdles and Throwing
Mo Drammeh - High Jump
Sidney Hairston -  Sprints and Throwing
Jason Jackson -  Sprints
Jose Lopez - Sprints and Hurdles
Chris Mills - Distance
Anna Peterson - Distance
John Peterson - Sprints
Mitch Pollard - Sprints